Good News : Ralkap Mawtaw Ai Zul Mi Cu PDF Nih Bomb In An Den Hna I Minun 6 An Thi

Rebel groups in Myanmar have China's backing: Report, World News |

Sagaing ramthen Mungzua myone Chaung Oo in Mungzua lei i a kal cuahmah mi ralkap motor 2 cu September 23, zinglei nazi 7:45 hrawngah Chaung Oo PDF le tanma’nih i pawlkomh in bomb an rak puah i ,ralkap 6 tluk an thi tiah Chaung Oo PDF nih thawngthanh nak a tuah.

Ralkap mawtaw 2 ai zul cuahmah mi cu lampi in an rak bawh i bomb an rak kamh nak hmun an phanh bak in bomb cu a puak Anmah Chaung Oo PDF nih cun bomb 9 a puak tiah nawl an chuah i bomb puak ruangah ralkap mawtaw ai rawk dih i ,ralkap minung 6 an thih pinah hliamhma tuar mi tampi an um. Bomb puak hnuah ralkap lei nih cun damlo mawtaw an kawh colh i, damlo mawtaw nih cun ralkap a thi mi le hriam tuar pawl an phur colh hna tiah Chaung Oo PDF nih cun thawng an thanh.

Facebook takes down main page of Myanmar military, SE Asia News & Top  Stories - The Straits Times

Pale zongah ralkap motor pakhat a chung ah khat te in ai cit mi cu September 23, zinglei 9 ah Pale PDF nih Mindaing le Kanduang karlak ah bomb an rak puah i ,mawtaw ai rawk dih tikah ralkap zong minung tampi an thi lai tiah bomb puah thawng a thei mi minung pakhat nih cun a chim.

September 22 zong ah khan Pale PDF le ralkap cu Nwe Ein le Chit Pyit Kyin khua karlak ah an i doh i ,ralkap lei minung 10 an thi tiah Pale PDF nih cun mipi theihternak an rak neih cang hna. September 22 i an i doh lio ah cun Pale PDF lei minung 2 hriam an tuar ve. I kahdoh nak cu pale PDF lei nih ralkap pawl an rak lai lai ti an theih cia ruangah lampi in an rak bawh mi hna a si i, ralkap lei nih PDF pawl an um timi an theihcia lo tikah ralkap lei a thi mi an tam nak hi a si.

A tufa Sagaing ramthen chungah PDF le ralkap i kah doh nak cu a zualhma tuk i,tuini September 23 zong ah Gangaw in ralkap mawtaw 6 cun Pale lei an panh tiah lampi i a um mi khua pawl nih media an chimh hna.

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